The Story

I’ve often found that most sauces on the market suffer from 1 of 3 problems; 1.They have good heat but lack flavor. 2. They have good flavor but lacks heat. 3. They have many allergens, my wife and daughter can’t consume due to Autoimmune disease. Ultimately, I grew tired of paying top dollar for sauces that left much to be desired. One day my wife bought me a, Make your own hot sauce kit. I also found that those sauces lacked flavor. I began experimenting with making my own sauces. I read books, watched my favorite chef, Alton Brown. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally created sauces myself, and family could enjoy in many dishes. The end result is a line of handcrafted sauces with a richness, and depth of flavor I have yet to find available today. Everyone who has tried these sauces instantly finds a favorite. I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about each of the sauces presented here today. My goals are to continue to research, and experiment with the freshest, cleanest ingredients, and continue creating full palate pleasing flavors. Let me help you bring life, and flavor to your kitchen, family meals, and parties. I hope you enjoy these creations. -Thomas Van Tuyl- Founder of Horney Toads Sauces & Rubs Horney Toads Sauces and Rubs are the product of my passion for FLAVOR